Rolling out iPads, iPhones, or Macs to your workforce is a challenge.

From schools, to small business, to medium enterprise, Technolutionary is ready to help you manage your new hardware deployment. Whether you're delivering iPads for a 1:1 deployment in a school environment, or new iPhones and Macs in a business environment, we're ready and able to help you manage the entire process.


Planning and Preparation

Technolutionary will help you prepare your environment and plan your deployment, from identifying critical resources, to selecting partner vendors. We will help you vet your existing wireless networks, access directory and personnel management systems, and prepare your office for new computers or handheld devices.

Deployment Rollout

From unboxing of equipment, through the configuration lifecycle, to handing out devices to staff and conducting training, Technolutionary is ready to help you and your staff move to new devices. Moving to new devices can be a shock to the system of any organization, and we're prepared to help smooth the rough edges through personal detail and attention.

Post-rollout Maintenance and Support

After the rollout, your organization may have additional questions, require additional training, or have long-term support needs. Technolutionary can help with all of those things.

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